Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Whoa, Really?

Apologies for the lack of content. Needless to say, been busy with other adventures. has consumed the most of my time.

Now, there's a new leaf about to be turned. While continuing my love and offerings of cool ass trips to Baja, today I'll be starting my new job as Marketing Manager at This has yet to be announced so please keep it on the DL for now. As my faithful supporters, I wanted you to hear it first.

Thanks amigos.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Enter 2015 - Free Surf World Tour

To All My Bodyboard Brothas and Sistas: This is going to be sick! Imagine for a second that you get to watch 26 epic video clips from your favorite bodyboarders riding waves on their own continent and then you, a loyal fan, get to vote for your favorite. You are part of the new Free Surf World Tour. Plus, you have the power to vote in your favorite underground rider to compete as well! Yup... this is going to be sick!

Check it:

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Over Under Here We Come

These photos are the first to come from my Wave Solutions Housings over/under port water housing for my Canon 7D. Thanks to Marley, TJ and my wife Mailei for being such great models.

I noticed that only the top or just the bottom of the water line will be in focus. I'm going to experiment with manual focus and see if that'll make a difference. Otherwise, I'm happy and more importantly, my customers are happy. More on the over/under photos soon.

Marley and TJ's 'Save The Date' photo session was cool Especially, when you have two surfers down to experiment with me.

This was the first time out with the over/under port. I'm pretty excited to explore this new housing.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Epic Time Lapse App :: Lapse It Pro

A must have app for those if us that have patience and the passion to capture nature via a different perspective. Go get it... Lapse It Pro. Yes, spend the three bux for the pro version.

Another thing... if you want to get legit stable shots, get this too: Joby Tripod For Smartphones. I always have it on hand for those can't-miss-shots.

I love telling people about the app. Once my friends download it, we have timelapse challenges. If you get it, I challenge you.