Thursday, July 22, 2010

On Earth

Do you have a place that you can call your favorite place on earth? I do. Well actually, if I'm with my wife, anywhere is all good. But this place, this small stretch of coast, is my favorite place on earth. It's part of Hu'u village on the southern coast of Sumbawa island. I'll leave it at that as far as the location is concerned.

Below are just a few photos why I love this place so much. I will be adding more photos as soon as I get a better internet connection. The photos that I'll upload later will include the people that make it that much more enriching. But these photos are just a glimpse of the waves and surroundings that make it almost surreal.

I mean, how many of us have seen kelp eating horses cruising on the reefs at low tide? Or able to stay on a tower just yards away from one of the best waves on the planet? Or have options on what type and direction of barrels you want?!

Welcome to my favorite place On Earth.

Periscopes right hander. Perfer inside section.

My favorite view from Lakey Peak right.

WTF? Kelp eating horses.

Up front and center. The Lakey Tower.

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  1. Oh my, those rights look so fun. Did you guys surf those spots yet?