Sunday, July 3, 2011

Jelly Fish Attack!

The G1 Bali Adventure crew spent two solid days on Lembongan. They agree, it's a pretty awesome island. I love it for Shipwrecks' DK fun, clear water and Thabu, great friend and always fun guy. I love this guy. In fact, I want to lead the charge in helping him out with starting his own Thabu Photography business on Nusa Lembongan. After you read through this blog post, come back to the top and donate what you can to get him started on his new business. All funds will be used to start his photography business. CLICK HERE to donate. Anything will help. $5 or $100 whatever. The goal is to reach $1800. That'll be enough to help him on his way to support his family live large on Lembongan. I'm going to create a donation meter on the side here as we start receiving money.

Felt good to get some DK action under my belt. Mailei took this photo.

Thabu aka Nyoman always has a smile on his face.

Even though it's a quiet island, we spent time doing a lot of cool stuff. We arrived around midday and took that first afternoon to rest and relax. We woke up to clear skies and a view of the Agung volcano that was awesome. We loaded up into Tony Montana's buddy's boat, Lopess. Lopess was also the name of our captain. I suggested we go to 'The Wall'. We always have good luck there. Mailei and Stephanie jumped in first while I got the camera ready and while Gina was getting her gear ready. Within a minute, Mailei yells out, there's a lot of jelly fish! Gina and I jump in anyways and it's true... tons of jelly fish. I got stung a few times and got a couple photos before we piled back into the boat. Stephanie got stung in the neck and the other girls got stung as well. But just a few mintues later, the stinging was gone. We jetted towards the Mangroves area and enjoyed snorkeling there without worry of jelly fish. I think this was the longest I stayed in the water snorkeling. Gina and Stephanie were enjoying every second.

Gina enjoying the Mangroves warm waters.

Stephanie equipped with her GoPro gets the shot.

Jelly fish everywhere! Mailei and Stephanie at The Wall.

Mailei is greeted by a Mangrove local.

Mailei and I in heaven.

Stephanie getting the shot.

The usual around the island tour involves motorbikes but this time someone suggested push bikes. After about 30 minutes later and a sore ass we made it to the bridge that connects Lembongan and Cinigan Islands. Stephanie wasn't having any of the squeaky and busy bridge. After enjoying the cool breeze from the bridge, Mailei, Gina and I rented a seaweed farmer's boat. I had no idea how hard it was to navigate these things. We ened up doing circles for about five minutes. Gina and Mailei were laughing there asses off. I yelled to the beach to get help from Kedax, the little boy that helped us launch from the beach. By that time, the small community of farmers came out to see what was going on and we could hear them laughing their asses off at these tourists. Good times. We then bolted to the Underground House. Gina and Steph paid the three bucks to go in and check out where some guy hid out for 17 years to avoid his gambling debt. While they were down there I entertained the kids with my much needed improvement magic tricks.

Finally, it was off to Devil's Tear near Dream Beach. I love this place. You get to see the calm and force of the ocean and land. No more words are need, just check the photos.

Who's bright idea was it to ride around the island on bikes?

Mailei with the seaweed farms in the background.

Mailei and Gina on the bridge.

Devil's Tear. Mailei.

Devil's Tear. Stephanie.

Devil's Tear. Gina.

Devil's Tear's trademark.

Underground House. Gina with flashlight in hand.

Too bad my magic was not at it's top of it's game. The groms knew my every move.

Stephanie coming of out of the humid tunnels.

Next stop, the madness of Kuta!

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