Saturday, July 23, 2011

You What?

YouRiding is your only bodyboarding video game on the market so make sure you support in all it's facets. should be bookmarked and used whenever you feel the need to ride waves when waves are crap or if you need that feeling of getting air or barreled!

YouRiding is on the cusp of completing their new version, version 4, which is to include new 3D graphics. New sick perspectives, new riders and more! Stay tuned for that. Yes, I've got the link to the beta version of the new version. If you want the link, be sure to follow my blog then hit me up here with a comment.

For now, get your game on at or find me on Facebook's version and battle me online!

Enough talk... get some!

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  1. i am all in for beta testing!
    xis.ene [at]