Thursday, April 29, 2010

HDR. Test One. Test Two.

If you take photos, you've heard of HDR (High Definition Range) photography. I've seen some pretty epic photos that are HDR and they look surreal. So this morning, I woke up at the butt crack and grabbed my camera bag and headed down the street.

The clouds where moving pretty fast. But with the Canon 7D, I set up the bracketing sequence to +/- 3 and used the high burst to be able to stop the clouds in their tracks. I read that you could snap just one RAW shot then manipulate the file to get three different (or more) exposed photos. But didn't have to with my camera. Plus, I was shooting high rez jpgs so I had to bracket.

These are essentially my first stabs at HDR. I took the three bracketted images into Photoshop CS4. File/Automate/Merge to HDR and viola! Almost done. Messed with a couple more adjustments and then boom! HDR doggy dog. I know my shots are not as sick as some of the ones I've seen but it's only the beginning.

Now, imagine shooting surfing, bodyboarding, SUP in RAW! Holy crap, I wonder if that's how Clark Little is doing his thang? Humm.


  1. Yeah Manny! The stop light is epic!!! Stoked to see you pushing it in and out of the water!!!

  2. sweet dude !!! the canon mark 4 is on to some shit as well
    try looking at the red rock micro if you really want to geek out
    were starting to shoot catalogs like this . its just going a little to fast for me , just like everything. DOHH!!!

  3. its me tyler iam sawty...dont know what happened there...

  4. Yeah Toddy! Thanks for commenting. Now I know why you love this shit so much.

    TBone-I miss you man. You in town?

  5. cruzing until monday ,then i fly out to carmel, lets collaberate...

  6. make sure to try photomatix pro for HDR as well... i think it does a better job

  7. I used photomatic on this panoramic shot of the beach I live at