Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rain Options

Here's a look from my window this morning. No blue skies just wetness on the streets. I used my wife's point and shoot camera. It's the Canon PowerShot A100 IS. If anyone is in the market to buy a digital camera to lug around to parties and other events, be sure to get one that offers IS (Image Stabilization). IS is Canon's way of saying anti-shake. Every company has their own way of saying 'help me keep my photos sharp.'

What does rain have to offer photographers? Wet asphalt, concrete and other surfaces offer cool reflections. And shooting in rain helps you practice your setting adjustments. Plus, you're outside. That's always a bonus  : )

I'm heading out and going to experiment during lunch and see what we come up with. Stay tuned.


  1. Love the Canon IS... especially after a cuppa Joe.

    I've been using the S5 IS for the last three years... does it all for CHEAP ($350)... with an aftermarket extension tube I think I'm out to close to 600mm... and I shoot it handheld.

    Pic quality isn't stellar but it's good enoug for internet stuff. Also shoots great vid with zoom through all lenses and double mics for good sound quality. Plus drop it in the dirt, wipe the lens with your tee shirt or let it bake in the front seat- it just comes back for more.

    Canon makes good stuff.

  2. John... please tell me you have the Go Pro HD. If you don't you need that in your arsenal.

  3. Love that thing! They didn't have HD when I got mine so I'm jonesing on one right now... soon. Here's a link to a Go Pro Vid I did a year or two ago... you'll recognize the wave:

    Go Pro needs a competitor... I got some ideas.