Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Canon 7D Video Edit

I have yet to get fully into the video aspect of the Canon 7D. Last night at the Bodyboard 101 session at the WaveHouse in Mission Beach, I shot a few video clips. I woke up before hitting the road and worked a video clip of Seabass (Dana Point bodyboarder). Experiementing with the 60 frames per second 640x480 standard definition clip was interesting. I used a basic movie editing program called Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 Plus. I used this program for small quick edits and it handled the high frame rate with ease. With such a high frame rate, I wanted to slow it down to half the speed to see what it looked like. Two words... Freakin' Sweet. Take a look:

Next: I'm going to shoot some HD 60fps of surfers/bodyboarders getting kookoo in the water.


  1. Didn't know 7d shot video.... killer little clip but c'mon Manny drop a track onto that vid...

  2. John... I did this quick and when I found out the audio didn't come through, I was already out the door ; /

    Next one...