Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Travel Tip #1 of Many

I know many o f you save up money for the yearly get away to that place that you like to call paradise. But how many of you register with the US Travel Registry before you take off to foreign lands?

Many of you may or may not know, but since 2003 my wife and I have been putting together surf/bodyboard trips to Cabo San Lucas, Costa Rica and Indonesia. Holy crap... we're coming up on our 10 year anniversary! Awesome. Okay... back to business. Before I take or send any customers to distant lands, I register each person with the US Travel Registry.

What is the US Travel Registry? Simply put... the US Government knows where you are if something were to happen abroad or at home. So, in case of an emergency, they know how and where to find you.

On your next surf trip, consider registering:


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