Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pulling The Trigger

Okay, maybe not pulling but pushing the trigger is what I like to be doing as much as I can. Of course, I would like to be in the water shooting perfect sunny warm water barrels but for now, I'll take whatever I can get... as far as photo gigs are concerned. In fact, it's more of a learning experience. I'm fine tuning my skills for shooting in low-light situations. So when I eventually end up on a surf trip with pro dudes, I'll be able to capture them ripping in the ocean AND snap the essence of the night life these guys are know for.

I'm super stoked on securing a gig with a well-known production company. I'll be shooting their set-up process as well as shooting the bands that'll be performing. Hope that doesn't ruin my dawn patrol missions.

Yes, the ultimate job would be to travel the globe shooting pro surfers and bodyboarders in heavy surf but for now, I'll hone in on my overall photography skills in and out of the water.

PS: Waves this weekend! You'll see me out there somewhere with my bright-ass yellow SPL waterhousings.

Here's a pic from last night's cool art/party gig from To see more photos from last night's gig check out: and go to the Events Gallery.

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