Saturday, May 1, 2010


Shooting with a wide-angle lens in the water is my favorite type of photography. Because I'm shooting with my Tokina 10-17mm lens set at 12mm manual focus, the riders have to get up close and personal. This morning I saw's, John Ashley, cruising around with his point and shoot. I was stoked when he sent over his photos that he shot from the pier. They're perfect to show the persceptive of the wide-angle lens and the distance between the camera and rider.

If you see my head bobbing in the water, get a close as you can for the shot! I've learned how to avoid riders and waves on my bodyboard. I can get out of your way quicker than a french poodle can wag it's tail.

I'll have all the photos up on my photo site,, later this afternoon. Cheers. And thanks JA!


  1. yes!! this is awesome, manny!

  2. Dig the duel perspective! Let's do it again.