Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cabo Freak Fest

Holy crap! There’s just not enough time in the day. I’m in Margaret River on the west coast of Australia for the Box Pro. It’s going to be an insane event with the best riders, best judges and one of the best bodyboarding waves to be had. All the while, I’m trying to get the hype going for this year’s Cabo Freak Fest. It’s the 10 Year Anniversary since it’s rebirth with yours truly at the helm. So this is the first step to begin the hype. So peep some photos of years past and be sure to check out the latest info on www.FFATtrips.com. If you’ve got any questions, please hit me up at: mannyvproductions@gmail.com. Okay, now to get prepared for the Box Pro.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Working Abroad

It's been about a week since I've been back from Hawaii. As a photographer, going to Hawaii is like going to a photo studio that you dream about. It's all there... warm clear water, pumping waves and surreal scenery. Yes, I was there for work but I did get some down time and that's when I was able to grab the camera and start pushing the trigger.

Pipe Devirginization - This was the first time I took the waterhousing out at Pipe on some medium sized waves. First, I want to give props to all the water photographers that have been shooting heavy big Pipe for years. When the five to six foot sets rolled in, there was nowhere to hide. You'd duck under the water but you'd only have just inches between you, the reef and the strong underwater whitewash rushing at you. There was one wave I had to duck under (I have the housing sitting on my butt with my other arm out in front but between the reef and my head ) and the whitewash was able to grab the housing and shake it like crazy. I felt as it my arm got popped out of my shoulder socket. Lucky for me, it wasn't as bad as I thought.
Poor soul will attempt to duck dive this four footer.

Sasha Specker, winner of the DK divion at Pipe, loves to shoot as well.

Good times.

Beach Wedding - There aren't too many guys that can pull off getting married without a shirt. So major props to Spencer Skipper for doing it legit. Congrats to Spencer and Kamala Skipper for letting me be a part of something very special. It was great to see all my old school bodyboarding friends as well. It's coming... www.mvweddingphotography.com
I had my waterhousing with me. Can you believe it. I didn't know they were going to take a dip after their I Do's. Epic.


Timmy Hamilton getting the money shot with the iPhone.

IBA Crew Shoots - One of the things I like to shoot while abroad on the IBA World Tour is taking photos of the crew I work with. We were just across the street from V-Land and with the heavies of the 90's almost non-existant, I could take out my camera without worrying about it get smashed against the rocks by some angry locals. I shot GoPro footage there but it was the sand bars of Ehukai that I pulled out the 7D and snapped a few from land. Of course, I took out the housing after ensuring I got a shot of everyone.
Pete negotiating a sandbar nug.

Todd throw his arm up in anger. Someone down the line dropped in on him.

Pat lines up the mini barrel.

Leila and Harry - I did an interview with Harry Antipala but not until I got a few waves on the SUP. I needed a few clips of Harry so I slapped the GoPro on his SUP and pressed record. Check it:

Next post: I'm going to showcase my GoPro photos from Sandy's. Jordan Stallard and I shot the shorey and loved every second of it. Ten photos per second and over 1000 images later...