Monday, September 2, 2013

Aminal Style On The Jungle

There's gotta be one night where all of the Cabo Freak Festers come together and let loose. That night is the Jungle Cruise night. Chuy, Eddy and the crew from the Jungle Cruise sunset cruise in Cabo San Lucas have been nothing but excellent to my groups and I. Gracias amigos.

We ended the night with an awesome performance from our man MC G-Nutz. Robbie G threw down a great performance at the Hard Bar. We're always left wanting more freaky-funky-delicious-ness every time.

You know that saying, "What ever happens in __________, stays in ____________." Well, the Jungle Cruise is one of those situations. I could tell you that all the images on Jungle Cruise gallery all the ones that were taken with my camera. But to be honest, I had to remove quite a few before uploading. I think with the this year's theme of 70's Porn Stars kinda reverberated through the three hours on the water.

I do have to thank the group of ladies from Los Angeles that made this year's three hour all-you-can-drink tour a very special one. Thanks to Alex for manning the mic and everyone else for making it a very unique one. I'm going to stop right now and let the images do the rest of the talking.

Richard wins the 'Porn Star' of the Jungle Cruise Award!
MC G-Nutz throwing it down at the Hard Bar.

Before leaving the dock, I think everyone knew this wasn't going to be your normal sunset cruise.

Cesar always cool and calm.

WTF. We were in a public area weren't we?