Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Going Full Time Full Bore

Today was the start of a new chapter in my life. I started my new 40 hour a week job at Creed SUP. The last time that has happened was back in 2000-2002. That's when I worked for a salary of $30,000 as the editor of BodyBoarding Magazine. It was a bit of a shock after doing the whole pro bodyboarder dealio for 10 years prior. But today, I wasn't shocked but stoked. Stoked to be a part of something that I enjoy... SUP.

I spent the day going through the in's and out's of what makes Creed SUP one of the coolest SUP companies to work for. My new boss, Randy, has more business knowledge than can ever imagine obtaining myself. Add that to the fact that he's straight up and I get a head honcho that I can't wait to work for. What does that mean for us? Well for me, I get a monthly paycheck that'll make me and my wife happy. And for you... well, I'm now your 'GO TO' guy when it comes to SUP. That means, you're going to get the Manny V treatment and hook up when you're ready to stand up paddle. If you're in southern California, drop in and save cash money by not fronting shipping costs. If you can't come into the warehouse, then use mannyv in the promotional code and knock off $20 off your Creed SUP board when you by online. Again, you're going to save more by coming in and seeing me. Plus, there's more savings on other gear we have in our showroom.

Bodyboarders reading this are probably wondering what's that mean for my commentating gig on the IBA World Tour. Well, never say never. But because this is a real job, I will have to go through the appropriate channels to try to get the time off. Priority is now in the hands of Creed SUP. I will miss all my friends on the tour, the riders that I'm so proud of and the awesome crazy bodyboarding fans out there. Now, I will be watching the race for the title from this side of the camera.

Cabo Freak Fest (August 15-20, 2013) is set in stone. I've already talked to Randy and made sure that I have those dates on lock down. There's no way I'm going to let that slip through my fingers. I will add another one week trip in there but not sure if it's going to an SUP trip or another bodyboarder trip.

It's a new era in the Manny V camp. I will always find a barrel to sneak into on my No. 6 Vargas bodyboard model. I will always bodyboard. I will always SUP. I will always ride waves. But for this time in my life, I will work on getting you on a Creed SUP and a No. 6 Vargas model.

All I ask from you is the same that you've been given me for years... your support.

My new home away from home... the Creed SUP warehouse.

My new ride from No. 6 ready for shredding.