Thursday, June 28, 2012

Salvemos Puerto

Apologies for the lag. But this topic is a good reason to post today.

A couple things have happened within the past month that has many bodyboarders around the world really distraut. 1. The infamous Puerto Escondido beach break, Zicatela, has been raveged by a hurricane and 2. The fifth tour stop on the IBA World Tour was compromised by a sudden pull out from a major sponsor.

For the last few weeks, the IBA and locals in Puerto Escondido have been talking to figure out how to nail two birds with one stone. The solution is awesome. Why? Because you personally can get involved! With your support from purchasing a Salvemos Puerto tshirt or an awesome Puerto Pack, you will in fact be helping to bring some cash flow back into Puerto's economy AND the top pros in the world will return to the location of one of the most exciting events in 2011!

I'm about to do my part and get a t-shirt and a Puerto Pack for the cause! You should to! For more info and to do your deed, click on the link below. Thank you all for your support!