Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Guten Tag!

As soon as I got my camera back into it's home, my water housing, we heading out to one of my favorite beaches to shoot. This day I met a couple from Germany that started surfing just a few months ago. The waves were about 2-3 feet and the sun was out! Yes, seems rare nowadays here in San Diego.

Mark and Anna are the reason I do what I do when I'm home. Sure, they hooked me up by buying some photos and HD video clips of their waves off me. But it goes beyond that... I love being out in the water shooting the wave riders that go out and enjoy everything that there is about wave riding. I think they were smiling the whole time! I love it.

So here's to the cool ass Germans and all the wave riders that go beyond the politics and enjoy what mother nature has graciously offered us... waves.

Anna with great form.

Mark slides into a clean one.

How do you say thank you in German?