Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Photo of the Month

If you haven't met the always happy and smiling Brian Wong of San Diego, aka B Wong, you're missing out. This guy is full of life and energy and loves the ocean and his bodyboard like no other.

Once he got his hands on one of those Go Pro cameras, it was all over. He's been fine tuning positioning and has been getting some unreal shots along the way. In fact, if you see him in the water and you talk to him about the Go Pro, don't be surprised if he hands you his board so that you could get a few shots of yourself! He's cool like that.

So here's to the winner of August's Photo of the Month... B Wong pulling in DK in Cabo San Lucas during this year's Cabo Freak Fest. He walks away with the sick rasta Bali trucker hat.

If you want to see more of B Wong's awesome photos check out his site: www.SoCalShots.com.

Monday, August 30, 2010

On Canvas ::: Mission Cafe

Great news! Jody over at Mission Cafe, let me showcase some of my favorite photos on canvas at the Mission Beach location. I would love for you to cruise by and check 'em out. Let me and the workers at Mission know what you think. Here's one of the photos that's on display (without the watermark, of course):

Mission Cafe In Mission Beach Location

Cabo Freak Fest Update

Okay, so I may have had to hire a blogger for the Cabo Freak Fest daily updates. I forgot how crazy it is for me during that particular trip. I'm running around like a chicken without a head! The good news is, SurgeBodyboarding.com is going to run a full story on the trip so you'll have to wait 'til October for the details. For now, take a look at one of my favorite photos from the trip. Ray Collins was in shorebreak heaven...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

En route to Cabo Freak Fest

Flying on the cheap is what all surfers and bodyboarders always look for. For southern Californians, we have it made. Tijuana airport is just a short drive across the border. And if you're looking to save a few bucks on your flight to anywhere in Mexico, I suggest one of my favorite short route airlines... Volaris. Volaris offers up flights to most costal cities including Cabo San Lucas. I got my ticket to Cabo last minute for $308. The aircraft is clean and the staff are very nice. Add on the $28 round trip bus shuttle to and from downtown San Diego, and you're still paying less than $400 to get to Cabo.

The bonus you get from Volaris... bodyboarders do not have to pay luggage fees for your boards! Please do your best to avoid Mexicana. Not only did they file for bankruptcy but they charge $60 freakin' bux per bodyboard! NO MEXICANA! YES VOLARIS!

Here's the site for Volaris and yes, they have an English option for their site: www.volaris.com.mx.

Okay, I'm off to Cabo San Lucas.

From the Tijuana airport, I'm out.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Good Monday morning friends. Sorry for the lag time on my blog but it really feels like I've been going 1000 miles per hour for the last month. First, it was two weeks in Indonesia with my theIndoExperience.com group. We had waves pretty much the entire time. I'll have some of my favorite photos up on my www.mannyvphoto.com site soon. Then it was off to Puerto Escondido, Mexico for a 10 day adventure. I haven't been back to PE since 1996! All my friends are still there, just 14 years older. But the mystique and vibe of Puerto Escondido that I have grown to love back in the 90's are all still there. I miss it all. So expect a Puerto Escondido Freak Fest 2011. Details on www.FFATtrips.com soon.

Now, I'm in the last stretch before I head to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for the annual Cabo Freak Fest. I will have internet access every day so I'll be doing daily updates from Cabo. Plus, we have a swell forecast that is looking pretty solid. Keep following the blog my friends.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Lightning Devirginization

I'm currently in Puerto Escondido, Mexico for a bodyboarding contest/video trip. I ended up 5th overall in the DK division and have had a great time catching up with friends.

If you've ever visited PE, you'll know that this place offers up some of the best sunsets on the planet. The tropical conditions delivers the ingredients for some spectacular eye candy.

As the sun began to go down the other day, a rain and thunder storm followed. A bunch of us cruised up to the insane open air terrace of the Aqua Luna hotel and prepared for the action. This was the first time that I was going to attempt to shoot lightning. What I walked away with was insane!

I knew I wanted to keep the shutter open long enough for me to capture bolts of lightning dancing across the skies. So I made a few adjustments on my Canon 7D and ended up using Av (aperture priority) with the following settings: f/29, ISO 1000. When I pressed the trigger button, the shutter would remain open for about 15 seconds or so. I would do this when I thought the lightning would strike. I used my Tokina f/4.6 10-17mm at 17mm. I looked through my viewfinder during a lighting strike to help me frame the scene. Whether this is the right or wrong way to shoot lightning, doesn't matter... I still got a few nuggets.

Oh yeah... I switched to video on a few too! For video, I set it up at 640x480 at 60 frames per second. I wanted to slow this sucker down for slow mo action. Check it:

Lightning strikes in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

Just below the awning.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Oh man... it's been a rough few days. Immediately after landing at LAX on the 27th and spending time with my wife, I was on another plane. This time I was off to mainland Mexico. No.6 Bodyboards, my board sponsor, shipped me to Puerto Escondido, Mexico to attend, show face and compete in the Zicatela Pro. This international bodyboarding event has 20 G's up for grabs. I'm still in the DK comp so wish me luck in the next round!

I'm finally back on track as far as jet lag is concerned. So expect me to get back on track with my blogging. Here's a few morsels to chew on.

Morning photo session. Beautiful.

Beto, contest organizer, on the mic welcoming everyone to the event. Mayla from Brazil on the left and Chuy Silva, local ripper, on the right.

Free surfer getting a few nuggets down the beach.

SUPing in Puerto Escondido. Skills.