Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas in Cabo

I don't I can think of a better place to spend Christmas. So this is the first time I'm going to mention it... I'm going to set up a Christmas in Cabo trip for those people that have come on any Cabo Freak Fest, Costa Freak Fest or Indo Experience trip. You're my family and I'll put something together so you can see the another side of paradise. To all my Cali peeps, imagine the coolest day in summer... That's Cabo during Christmas. The climate is perfect. So keep your eyes on for all the details. Cabo in Christmas. You in?
Robbie, Alex, Megan, Baby K-Nutz, Liz, Marty, Bro Danny, Lisa, Me and Mai. Christmas day Cabo.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Poynt And Follow

This is the first time in a long time that I'm actually making an effort to follow a sports figure. Sure, I'm lucky enough to follow the bodyboarding world title race each year as my job but this is a little different. With my current position with the IBA Bodyboarding World Tour, I have to hold back my biases. Not with SUP.

I think it's the personal connection that I have with Sean Poynter that gets me stoked on what he's doing right now in the SUP surfing World Championships. I'm not quite sure how I met this guy but about a year or so ago, he and I began shooting together. He on his Starboard prototype boards and me behind the lens. Before he got on the SUP board he was one of the east coast's best short boarders. Now, he's on the hunt for his first world title as a wave rider.

Now when I get the Waterman League newsletters I read them from top to bottom to see how Sean's doing. It's a cool feeling when one of your friends is kicking ass and you're right there supporting him whether it's on a blog, Facey or just to yourself.

Because I have that connection, I'm going for this guy 100% to take the world title. He's currently in the lead with only one more event to go. Yes, I'll be watching his run for the title when they all head over to the Virgin British Islands for the last event. If you want to watch, tune in to the DIgicel Live broadcast from the 11th - 19th December at

Good luck and kick ass brotha.

Sean in Brazil.

Poynter in San Diego.