Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Beast!

There are some perks to this gig with the IBA World Tour. One of which was video taped and showcased during the Encanto Pro in Puerto Rico. It was awesome. Sylvia at Toro Verde offered the production staff and any of the riders for a ride on the infamous zip line, The Beast! If you ever go to Puerto Rico, this is an absolute must! It's not the only thing to do in the lush canyons but it's surely a must. www.toroverde.com.pr is where you can get all the info. I'm sitting on a bunch of video clips of my own. As soon as I get some free time, I'll piece them together and put the movie on my YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/mannyvproductions

Thanks again to the Snakes and Ladders production crew for the video clip. Here we go:

Monday, November 28, 2011

Preparing For History

On Friday, I take off to the Canary Islands for the last stop on the IBA bodyboarding world tour. It all comes down to this event to determine this year's world champ. Four guys are in the run; Pierre Louis-Costes (France), Jeff Hubbard (USA-Hawaii), Ryan Hardy (Australia) and Guilherme Tamega (Brazil). "Hubby" is leading in points and is favored to win the event and the title. But with the gnarly wave called El Fronton determining who will be champ, anything could happen! Watch LIVE on www.ibaworldtour.com, www.redbull.tv and www.youtube.com/live. Yes, that YouTube. This is a first for the tour. We're expecting to have a historical amount of viewers and if the waves co-operate... this will be the best show to watch. For the latest updates and when we are going live, be sure to get on the IBA Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/ibaworldtour

This will be the perfect show to have your friends who don't ride waves to watch. If the waves show up, I guarantee you that the show will be insane!

Friday, November 18, 2011

I Can Tell...

I can tell by the photo contest image on the right that I haven't updated my blog since October 31. So here we go. I'm going to do a two part blog on my new toy... a dolly for my Canon 7D. After watching a few videos from the creator, I went for it and dropped $100 to have it delivered within days. He did mention via email that he wasn't slammed at the moment and I would get my dolly quickly. His humor also helped me to go with this guy. Love his videos. In fact, I'm going to see the one where he's sweating bullets just so I can get another laugh. He's awesome! You can find the videos and other cool stuff on his site. Here's the link to his site: http://moveyourcameracheap.blogspot.com/

Here's one of my first attempts on using this after designing a track to sit on top of my tripod. My track design and the dolly itself coming tomorrow. I'm going to keep modifying to keep the track and camera still as possible. Can't wait to get all creative and sh!t. Check it... (turn audio off)