Friday, February 8, 2013

Test Drive

You have to agree, time lapse video is pretty freakin' cool. I've used my Canon 7D and videoed 20 minute clips only to have a massive file then having to bring that footage into a video program to get the time lapse. I have a ton more options using my Canon and I know there are other options. But I wanted something that was quick and easy. Enter Lapse It!

I'm one of those few people in the U.S. that doesn't own an iPhone. I have an HTC One. The camera on this thing is amazing! Lapse It is an app (Android and iPhone) that offers exactly what I was looking for. Easy user interface and fast rendering. A sick time lapse video clip. Best $1.99 spent on an app.

But to get a clean shot, my phone has to be steady. It should be on a tripod. I hunted through the net and found this little bad boy: Grip Tight by Joby. Perfect. It has the 1/4 inch screw fits perfect for all tripods. Epic.

I bolted to Harbor Island this morning in hopes of finally testing my new toys. Twenty minutes of capture time, less than two minutes to render and BOOM! Done! A sick four second time lapse.

I was zoomed in on this clip to get some of the street out of the frame. So sharpness was compromised. Settings: 720hd, one frame every 10 seconds, rendered at 30 fps, added the vidid color effect, mp4 file format. But no bad at all. Check it:

Friday, February 1, 2013

Great To See


When I go shoot water, I'll put an action sports camera on top of my water housing. Sometimes I get too much great footage with no where to make use of it and it all just sits dormant on my harddrives. Great to see Ardiel Jimenez and the crew made use of the action we snagged while I was in the Canary Islands.

All the footage of Ardy in the beginning of the video with the epic Sardina village in the background is all from my camera. Yes... The photos came out unreal as well. Almost surreal.

Thanks Ardy and PHmedia, you're a true professionals.