Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rafting With The Canon 7D

There's two reasons why I have to post this video clip: 1) Of all the years I've been taking people to Indonesia, I've never had any one in my groups flip their raft completely over. That is until this trip. And since Facebook has denied my video posting, it's going here. And 2) The beauty of the 7D is evident.

As you all know by now, my surf adventure tours to Indo are always fun and very eventful. This private trip to Indo for a friend's bachelor party was full of madness... including our rafting tour. As I mentioned, I've never had a group flip over in the raft. I've had a few people fall out of the raft but never had the crew and guide all fall out. This clip shows the chaos.

On these rafting tours, I take my Canon 7D encased in a solid SPL Waterhousing and I snap as many photos as possible. I've been shooting photos with this set up since last February. I shoot photos with Cha Cha (that's the name of my water camera set up) about 97% of the time and will switch over to video for the other 3%. As you can see and hear from this video clip, it's very nice to have video available on the fly. I have yet to be disappointed by the beauty of this camera. Cha Cha did a great job. Check it:

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