Thursday, January 26, 2012

Business Trip

I really wish I had an actual second home here in Cabo. It's the middle of winter and I can go out and get waves in trunks, drive to desolate beaches and eat great food. Oh yeah... the sun is out every day.

All of that was all fun and games but this IS a 'business' trip. During these past few days I got to hang with Chato, la Chulies, Mauricio, Boxxer and a few other local riders. We hit up the west side both free days and just enjoyed every single minute in paradise. The bodyboard community here will show fellow riders the good life.

Cabo Freak Fest was on top of the list on this 'business' trip. I did a few other things to make the trip worthy. I brought down a bunch of No.6 boards for the boys plus I met up with Lee from SUP Cabo to organize SUP surf trips to down here. Can't wait to get that going as well.

Stay tuned on final details on Cabo Freak Fest plus the SUP trips.

Gracias to all those that make me want to consider getting a second home in Cabo.

La Chulies getting the shot. Gracias.

Chato navigating on the knee.

Cabo Freak Fest is coming!

The set up.

Another empty beach.

Sunrise on the west side.

La Chulies. Props for waking up early and cruising.

Mauricio's DK has improved big time!

Boxxer cranking off the top.

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