Tuesday, April 24, 2012

She's Back!

After my Canon 7D decided to stop working and only giving me a blinking empty battery icon on the LCD, I sent it back to the service peeps that my extended warranty company refers.

I looked on the forums to find out how to fix this. I wish Sasha Specker was here, he can fix anything! Well, turns out that this is a common issue with this model and there is no way around it except to have it serviced and have some internal power mechanics replaced. In my case, it was the DC/DC converter.

$20 expedited shipping (free ground shipping otherwise) and five days later, she's back in my hands. Clean too! The extended warranty (SAGEMAX) that I purchased for $200 with my purchase through B&H has pretty much paid for itself with this one issue. I still have another year on the warranty. Let's hope I don't need to use it again. But it's good to know that the great service of SAGEMAX have got my back.

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