Friday, February 8, 2013

Test Drive

You have to agree, time lapse video is pretty freakin' cool. I've used my Canon 7D and videoed 20 minute clips only to have a massive file then having to bring that footage into a video program to get the time lapse. I have a ton more options using my Canon and I know there are other options. But I wanted something that was quick and easy. Enter Lapse It!

I'm one of those few people in the U.S. that doesn't own an iPhone. I have an HTC One. The camera on this thing is amazing! Lapse It is an app (Android and iPhone) that offers exactly what I was looking for. Easy user interface and fast rendering. A sick time lapse video clip. Best $1.99 spent on an app.

But to get a clean shot, my phone has to be steady. It should be on a tripod. I hunted through the net and found this little bad boy: Grip Tight by Joby. Perfect. It has the 1/4 inch screw fits perfect for all tripods. Epic.

I bolted to Harbor Island this morning in hopes of finally testing my new toys. Twenty minutes of capture time, less than two minutes to render and BOOM! Done! A sick four second time lapse.

I was zoomed in on this clip to get some of the street out of the frame. So sharpness was compromised. Settings: 720hd, one frame every 10 seconds, rendered at 30 fps, added the vidid color effect, mp4 file format. But no bad at all. Check it:

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