Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Say, Then Do.

Funny thing happened this morning. I went to a local news stand in search of the new Stand Up Journal magazine. I was ready to fork over about $15 for the latest issue. I got the cover shot of Sean Poynter. Yes, I'm pumped. But when I showed up, the mag was nowhere to be seen.

What I did see it was Riptide magazine front and center. I did a double take on the price tag of 15 dollars and realized I had no problem dropping that for an SUP mag. I picked up the Riptide magazine and headed straight for the check out counter.

Sure, the editors would hook me up if I email them for a free issue but the way I see it, and have said it in the past... support those that support you.

Here's to bodyboarding. You've got my full support.

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