Monday, July 15, 2013

All Smiles With JRom

Oh man, I don't know how long I've known Jacob Romero but I must say... the latest photos I've seen of him have been the most I've seen with him showing his pearly whites. it's not that he's been an angry man but his supa dupa fu man chu beard can be intimidating to some. So what's up with all this recent smiling? I'm guessing it could be that he just signed with one of the coolest bodyboarding brands out there ( or it could be that he's got a great looking lady by his side or maybe it could be that he survived this freakin' hell air in Chile? Either way, this is huge props to JRom. Congrats braddah. JROM's Blog. CLICK HERE.

I snagged this image from the Kahuku Bodyboarders FB page. Go LIKE 'em.

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