Monday, June 28, 2010

Catching Up!

Has it really been two weeks since my last post? Bad Man-ny!

Okay, here's some juice for your morning.

Since the last time, I posted I've been shooting like a maniac! First, it was a friend's romantic photo session. Next, the sun finally came out before 11am. Then it was a night out with friends. Finally, a south swell rolled. Check it... today you'll get the first two adventures and tomorrow I'll lay the rest on you. Read on.

Good friends Chava and Martha wanted some photos of them together in Balboa Park. With the help of my lovely wife, we pulled off some cool photos. We spent about two and a half hours walking around and finding cool backdrops and nice light. I could've spent all afternoon there but we all had to do things later that day. Now that I spent a little more cash on a soft box and wireless flash remote, I was able to get some cool lighting effects. The only thing... the remote was not automatic so I had to set the flash manually. And the Canon Flash Speedlite 430EX II has an automatic shut off that I tried to disable to no avail. So I have to reach into the soft box and reset it after every re-location. Do I like doing this kind of work? Hell yeah! It's challenging and exciting to see the results. Peep it...

Martha and Chava. Good looking couple.

Okay... now look good. Perfect!

Let The Sun Shine
Okay... who's ready for this June Gloom shit to go away? I've been gone for the past three years during the month of June and I totally forgot about it! Seattle supposedly has around 240 of overcast days. Holy shit! I'm going on 21 days and I'm ready to sell the house to get out of here! Seattle-lites... I don't know how the hell you do it. Anyways... on June 22 the sun actually popped out before 11am and I was excited. I knew the waves were going to be small but I got the housing ready and headed for the water. What a difference sunlight makes when shooting from the water. Not only did I get a few cool photos but I met a few awsome locals. Kevin, Janae, Panda and Tyler... great meeting you! See the entire gallery here:
June 22, 2010 Surf Session Gallery

This is Panda. Super cool and as you can see... having a great time!

These steps are always more enticing with a bit of sun on 'em.

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