Monday, June 14, 2010

The New Generation of SUP?

While on our recon mission for the upcoming SUP Mex trips, I realized that SUP is about to blow doors on wave riding on the regional level. I say regional because we've all seen Laird Hamilton do his thing on the ever so exciting Teahopo'o, Tahiti. And now that the boards are becoming smaller, shorter and more maneuverable... it's going to be guys like Sean Poynter that are going to lead the charge of the new young guns. This 20 year old ripper, was riding his Star-Board 6'6" like it was a fish! Insane.

The SUP Mex video is coming soon. There, you'll see him in HD action!

Keep your eyes peeled on for more info!

Here's a pic of his on a cloudy day at Shores. Sick!
Fearless Floater. Sean Poynter. San Diego.

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