Sunday, August 1, 2010

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Oh man... it's been a rough few days. Immediately after landing at LAX on the 27th and spending time with my wife, I was on another plane. This time I was off to mainland Mexico. No.6 Bodyboards, my board sponsor, shipped me to Puerto Escondido, Mexico to attend, show face and compete in the Zicatela Pro. This international bodyboarding event has 20 G's up for grabs. I'm still in the DK comp so wish me luck in the next round!

I'm finally back on track as far as jet lag is concerned. So expect me to get back on track with my blogging. Here's a few morsels to chew on.

Morning photo session. Beautiful.

Beto, contest organizer, on the mic welcoming everyone to the event. Mayla from Brazil on the left and Chuy Silva, local ripper, on the right.

Free surfer getting a few nuggets down the beach.

SUPing in Puerto Escondido. Skills.

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  1. Sick with it, the Zica Pro looks like its enjoying some nice southern hemi juice for the comp, go get em bru!!! Good luck!