Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sweating Bullets

I've been in Puerto Escondido for the past week and it seriously feels like I'm walking into a industrial-strength oven every time I leave my hotel room. Other than sweating bullets, I've been catching up with old friends, shooting photos, getting barreled and commentating the most anticipated IBA Grand Slam Series event this year.

I stand by the reason why I like to do contests... to be part of the camaraderie that bodyboarding only has. Sure, I'm on the other side of the tape now but it's still a great view. I mean, a year ago I never thought I'd see GT almost kill himself at the Arica Chilean Challenge. And I didn't expect to have a heart to heart with David Hubbard. Actually, I take that back. I did expect those talks with Dubb. But the thing is that stokes me out with this new gig, aside from losing weight in Puerto's heat, is the fact that the riders and production crew really make my job easy.

All I have to do is talk about the best bodyboarders riding the best waves. Easy. Done. Boom.

Be sure to watch the last final days LIVE from Puerto Escondido. The waves are getting bigger and the riders are going to go higher!

Photos of day two of the trials are unleashed. I've been holding onto these in hopes getting some in the magazines. But I guess, that's not happening. So here you go...

You can download any photo you'd like just head over to

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  1. Good job on the comments Manny! Keep going! Are you going to the GQS 6 stars event in November in the Azores Islands (in Terceira Island)?

    Good waves to you, and hope to see you in the Azores GQS in November

    Rui Cabral