Thursday, August 4, 2011

Zicatela Pro is a GO!

If there was an event on the IBA World Tour that I was really excited about it'd be this one... the Zicatela Pro presented by AGIT/Turbo/Found/ID/Colorada Surf. Don't get me wrong, every tour stop has been unreal. But there's something about coming back to a place that brought a lot of joy to me way back when. Puerto Escondido is the perfect wave riding town. Everything is near so walking around is done by all. Great food is just steps away. And the waves... oh man, this place has some of the heaviest, if not THE, heaviest beach break waves. Amazing is an understatement of what's about to go down in the main event rounds. So keep your eyes peeled and be sure to spread the word to watch the last day of the trials and main event go live on and

Here's some photos from the press conference where officials welcomed the riders and of the awesome hula show that was done for the riders as well.

Download the images at:

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