Saturday, October 22, 2011

Breakin' And Entering

By now you may or may not know, I love to take photos. Capturing those surreal split seconds in time has been my passion for the past several years. Obviously, I love being in the water but after shooting a wedding a month or so ago, I thought to myself... I can do this. I dug the challenge of getting into position and making sure I didn't miss that moment. My wife and I were not the main/paid photographers. We were the 'we'll-let-you-take-photos-of-our-wedding-but-the-paid-photography-has-all-the-say' photographers. We were cool with it and we came up with some stunning images.

But I have to say, there were a few times when I saw the opportunity to capture great images but the paid photography snuck into position right where I was headed. I couldn't say or do anything. No group shots or bride and groom portraits either. So bummed. We're going to do it again this weekend and I know I'm going to walk away a little bummed because I won't be able to get into the situations to nab the photo that I see. Kinda sucks actually.

So to break into the wedding photography business, we would like to offer the first three couples who contact me, and who are getting married between today to March 2012, a free two hour engagement photo session AND six hours for your ceremony and reception. I will upload your photos on our site in a private gallery. There, you can download any image you want. If you want prints or even a photo, you can purchase from my site as well. But the photos are yours absolutely free.

If this is you, please call, email or comment to the post and let's set up a meeting and go over everything to see if I'm the right person for the job.

I'd love to shoot water action in the morning and weddings in the afternoon. That would be ideal. Throw in my gig with the IBA World Tour... heck, I may be able to afford the $7,000 Canon 1Dx camera body! That'd be nice. is in the works. My creativity and your big day... let's make it happen. You in?


  1. Sooo awesome Manny! What an honor to have you an Mailei capture such awesome memories! Would you consider doing a family photo session?

  2. Thanks Carol! Of course, we'd consider shooting your family portrait. Give me a ring on Monday and talk about it.