Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tapping In

My wife and I like to SUP Glorietta Bay in Coronado and in San Diego Bay. We sometimes cruise through the channels of the Cays as well. Each time we sweep by insanely large yatchs, massive mansions on the water or sweet condos in downtown, I can't help to wonder, how in the hell are there so many people that have that kind of money? I wonder the same thing as I cruise through the OC (Dana Point, Laguna, etc.).

I know people work hard and put in some serious time in school but there are so many of them that have figured it out. What train did I miss? Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. My wife and I are living a good life but we're not living in a three thousand square foot eight bedroom house designed by Donald Gardner nor do we have a pimping yacht parked out front either.

Where the heck does all the cash money come from? Are most of them living the American dream, i.e. living in debt? Is it old money or new money? If it's new money, how do I tap into that? Does everyone think this or is it just me?

So what's it take to own the penthouse in that building just behind the Holiday Inn?


  1. Come on inherit or marry into money... : P

  2. I wonder the same. I think they took the train on the other side of the tracks and I watched it go by. Then I realized I too need a ride. So I bought a ticket and lived the American dream. Purchasing more than I could afford; mostly my money was being spent on liabilities...

    Soon I realized that to get in the game; basically to make my money work for me and live the wealthy lifestyle that I dream of was not buying a ticket. But selling the tickets. Creating money either old or new...

  3. MV people are looking at yur lifestyle and are wondering the same thing dude!! yur living the life traveling,bodyboarding, shooting photos doing what you love!!