Friday, November 18, 2011

I Can Tell...

I can tell by the photo contest image on the right that I haven't updated my blog since October 31. So here we go. I'm going to do a two part blog on my new toy... a dolly for my Canon 7D. After watching a few videos from the creator, I went for it and dropped $100 to have it delivered within days. He did mention via email that he wasn't slammed at the moment and I would get my dolly quickly. His humor also helped me to go with this guy. Love his videos. In fact, I'm going to see the one where he's sweating bullets just so I can get another laugh. He's awesome! You can find the videos and other cool stuff on his site. Here's the link to his site:

Here's one of my first attempts on using this after designing a track to sit on top of my tripod. My track design and the dolly itself coming tomorrow. I'm going to keep modifying to keep the track and camera still as possible. Can't wait to get all creative and sh!t. Check it... (turn audio off)


  1. nice, i was just looking at a dolly, trying to build my own i think... custom polyurethane wheels, self lubricating on carbon fiber rods, completely collapsible for travel, lightweight, and add-on stepper motor for moving night timelapses

  2. Matt, I was going to do something similar as you mentioned but with the amount of time and money on parts, it'd probably come out to the same price of $100 or so. I researched and found this one and it was perfect for what I want. Travel friendly and... it works! Check back tomorrow when I show my track and all the other things that are possible.