Monday, November 28, 2011

Preparing For History

On Friday, I take off to the Canary Islands for the last stop on the IBA bodyboarding world tour. It all comes down to this event to determine this year's world champ. Four guys are in the run; Pierre Louis-Costes (France), Jeff Hubbard (USA-Hawaii), Ryan Hardy (Australia) and Guilherme Tamega (Brazil). "Hubby" is leading in points and is favored to win the event and the title. But with the gnarly wave called El Fronton determining who will be champ, anything could happen! Watch LIVE on, and Yes, that YouTube. This is a first for the tour. We're expecting to have a historical amount of viewers and if the waves co-operate... this will be the best show to watch. For the latest updates and when we are going live, be sure to get on the IBA Twitter:!/ibaworldtour

This will be the perfect show to have your friends who don't ride waves to watch. If the waves show up, I guarantee you that the show will be insane!

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