Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mental Month

Whoa... the last month has been freakin' hectic. Just a quick summary... one week of madness with the freaks at the 10 Year Anniversary of Cabo Freak Fest, one week with my wife's father in town (that wasn't bad just busy), then two weeks finding and moving into a new crib. Wait... looking back, none of it was bad at all just super busy.

Mailei and I are finally settled into the new pad. Check the photo below. That's the new Manny V Productions office. I'm pumped. Now, I can leave work and come home (yeah, just a few steps away).

Now, it's time to prep for the Sintra Portugal Pro. It feels like a long time since the last IBA event. The next couple days I'll have to brush up on stats with Steve Action Jackson.

Oh, I forgot to mention... during the month long marathon I was able to sneak in a couple video shoots, a few photoshoots and a few SUP sessions. The waves weren't big enough to bodyboard. I need something in the 4 foot and above range to move my fat ass. Yes... it's been a very busy month.

Here's a few pix...

Prepacking. Camera and fresh board. I'm ready there.

The new office. Pimping.

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