Monday, August 27, 2012

Sintra Portugal Pro... Here we go.

Get ready. I'm putting aside a hour or so to give you my personal updates from here in Sintra, Portugal. So here we go...

I'm writing from a very warm lobby of our hotel here in Praia da Macas; just a couple kilometers from the comp site, Praia Grande. It's about 3pm. Yeah, this morning was the first time that I slept in 'til noon. It wasn't because I had a late night beer with the production guys that rolled in from the airport at 1:30am. It was the jet lag that wasn't letting me sleep.

I flew in yesterday morning around 8am and had to stick around a couple hours for Laura who's working camera three. Seamus grabbed us in a sick nine passenger van and we were on our way. 45 minutes later, we rolled up to our cool hotel. It's an old 1800's home that has been transformed into a quaint hotel right on the beach. Epic. I needed a room with a view. Didn't matter if it were of the beach or not, any view here is awesome.

Like most bodyboarders, the first thing we have to do it jump in the water. So I unloaded bags in the room and jumped in. I trunked it and that was the first time, I've been cold in a long time. Met a few bodyboarders out there, caught a few waves and that was enough to get a feel.

Organized my stuff in the room and went down stairs for a beer and pizza. Came back to the room and passed out. I think that's where I messed up and carried on my jet lag. I woke up around 5pm and had a few beers with Shamo on the balcony then we headed to Bar Mar at Praia Grande for the openning ceremony. Met Elmo, Renato and a few other guys. We got there too late for the ceremony though so decided to have a beer and bail. Nex thing you know, we're doing a practice run with Flip Cup against the Venzuelans! What!? So after a couple beers, I was done. I had to get home. Shamo and Laura took off to pick up the production team from the airport earlier. I asked a couple heads for a ride but nothing. I began the 30 minute hike back home. It was good. Got to work out the beer and fried food.

Got back and heard commotion going on and it was the production team going for a beer to celebrate their journey. I was up so had one last beer with the crew. Finally, good. night.

On approach. Lisbon, Portugal.

Venezuelans on the same flight from Newark.

Shamo making it happen.

Laura on camera three.

Praia da Macas during a ceremony celebrating the Virgin Mary.

Team Reunion Island have a sick room here at the hotel.


Walking home.

One last beer with the production crew. 1:45am. Gulp.

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