Friday, August 2, 2013

A Must App

Pixlr is epic. I know there's a ton of apps out there to help your phone photos look that much better. My goto app for this is Pixlr Express. It has it all and more. PLUS... there's a desktop version as well! You can have all the cool things from the app and apply them to your images on your hard drives. That is awesome. 

Pixlr falls under the Autodesk company umbrella. Autodesk is known for it's unbelievable software programs; AutoCad and 3ds Max to name a couple. So you know, these people know their sh!te.

Here's a quick run down of what I like about Pixlr Express app. I have yet to play with the desktop version but will soon. Okay, check it:

-Has six different categories of coolness. Each having several types of modifiers: Adjustment, Effect, Overlay, Border, Text and Sticker. Sticker is my favorite because it have the comic word BOOOM!

-Undo and Redo buttons: If you don't like what your photo looks like after applying an effect, click Undo. Wait, you did like it... Redo.

-Saving: You can save in different sizes including the original size.

-Sharing: After you've finished your editing, click share and bam, shared!

Get it. Use it. Love it.

After. Yeah, got crazy on this one.

Before. Using my HTC One S phone with the HDR effect.

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