Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 3 - Cabo Freak Fest One3

Dawn Patrol.
This was the second full day of the trip. Aside from the four bodyboarders that hit the dawn patrol the day before, everyone was jonesing to get in a solid session. 5:30am rolled around and I believe everyone was packed in the two cars and were ready to hit the waves.

(L to R) El Jack 59 years young. Billy Thiel ready. Jay preparing. Damian being Damian.
I don't like disclosing the location of the beach break that we invade 20 deep but if you look on any map you'll know where we are situated. Because of the way the beach is set up, the waves come in perfect.

Shade... on land and in the water.
With Damian, Billy, Rolando and Roy snapping photos, I headed out to get some waves for myself. It was glassy with two to three footers rolling in. I love bringing our own crowds to empty breaks. We are all out there to have a good time and aside from one or maybe two people, everyone was sharing waves and enjoying everything going on.

Carly was on fire this year. She came. She saw. She kicked ass!

I do have to admit... the 15-20 minute walk in the early humidity to the break and the same walk with the same humidity but with added blazing sun really sucks ass. It's a hike. I think that's has to something to do with the break being empty every time. I would do that walk for empty perfection any day of the week.

The locals come our firing. Hugo Collins on one of many barrel rides.

A must after every session... Chostimo burritos.

There's over 12 hundred images ready for download on the Manny V Photo website. Enjoy.


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