Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's Called... Passion.

I was out shooting the other morning and a guy told me, "I've been surfing for 13 years and I've never got a water photo before." I found it hard to believe. Maybe it's the fact that I've been fortunate enough to have a water photographer to travel the globe with since 1991! Or maybe it's the fact that it's so easy nowadays for someone to drop four G's and get an unreal water camera set up. Then again, if anyone could drop four G's why would it be on that?

So I came to the conclusion that this is my niche; my calling; my... passion. My wife has been training for a triathlon that's going down in March 2011. And she sometimes gets down on herself for missing an exercise session. And then there's the feeling she gets after a good bike ride, good run or good swim. She loves it. That's passion.

Water photography is my passion. If you can't see that through the photos I've me uploading like a madman since early this year, then you are missing the fact that I love this sh!t. I get stoked when I get a great shot of someone that is killing it. I get stoked when I get a shot of someone that has never gotten a water photo before.

So I leave you with this... be sure to see my passion shine through some of today's unreal photo sessions. I'll have them uploaded by Thursday September 30.

One last thing. Answer me this... what's your passion? Leave me a comment. I'd love to see your responses.

Without my passion of taking photos, I would have never of know about this cool ass kid named Patrick and this insane surfing dog named Ricochet. Patrick is a quadriplegic that has a passion for riding waves. Ricochet is the infamous surfing dog that, well... rips! Both were very inspiring to watch in the water. Great meeting you two!


  1. MV props to your wife for that tri-training takes dedication and hard work....I guess mine is exercising as well just because you feel better after doing it..a sense of accomplishment! sick photos c ya soon!!!!!! ps...on days off and the waves r good i skip the gym to sponge!!!!!

  2. Passion you ask? For me, its waking up before dawn, getting the shot or the barrel of the day, then sitting at my desk trying to concentrate when my sinus are stuffed and there is sand in my underwear. Watching the world function around me I conclude that normal people will never truly "get it".

    We see things differently than the rest of the world. It's a secret smile reserved for that those who have the passion and joy of experiencing the ocean in its unfiltered beauty. But I digress - glad to see all is well in Mannyland. Keep smiling bro and enjoy the tri training - just did one this past week myself ;-)


  3. Mike and Chris thanks for the comments fellas! The best things in life are free. The ocean is there and it's FREE. Good times always.