Friday, September 30, 2011

A Beautiful Reunion

Stop number six on the IBA World Tour is going down here in Reunion Island. The Nissan Reunion Bodyboard Pro is currently on hold today. The trials went down yesterday and the top nine riders advance on to the Leader Board rounds which is to go down next on the live webcast. So for now, here's some images and quick summary of my first five days of my adventure.

In transit. The flight to get here was long but doable. The stop over in London's Heathrow airport was a wake up call on what to expect as far as airport prices are concerned. Just so you know, that'll be the last time I spend eight US dollars on a bottle of Stella beer.

Landing in paradise. Fabian picked me and Diego Cabrera up from the airport. We had an hour drive to the contest site. But with unreal beaches zooming by, we had to stop and enjoy some of the beauty that Reunion has to offer. So we pulled over and spent a couple hours on a hot black sand beach. The water was super clear and warm. I get the same feeling and vibe here as I do from the Big Island. I love it.

Here's a few photos for now. I'll get another update with details on what's in store for the next couple weeks. Enjoy.


  1. Hey manny i was wondering when you were going to upload the photos from bali 2011(june/july)

  2. Beau, believe it or not, but I've been slammed since I've been back. I'll start uploading as soon as possible. How can I contact you once they have been uploaded? Email me...