Monday, July 12, 2010

Day One ::: Padang

Arriving to my hotel room around 4pm and tired, I knew I had to stay awake as long as possible to get on the time schedule here quicker. So I stayed up until 8pm and I was out! But after a seemingly long night's sleep, I take a look at my watch and it's 3:03am. : (  I was able to get another hour in but I've been up since.

I made my way down to the beach around 6am. There was light out already but I know the sun has to get over the mountain first. So I took my time to get out there. It was about three feet or so and there was only a couple guys out!

I was so pumped to jump into the warm waters of Padang but not before saying hello to all my lifeguard and Warung friends. By the time I got out into the lineup at Padang, there was a lone South African bodyboarder that had it all to himself! So after about 30 minutes, a few more heads paddled out and the four foot sets kept coming in.

Going to pick up Mark and Mario from the airport today. Below are a few gems from this morning.

Hold up! My wife and I agreed... in 2011, we are going to organize a 'Couples Only' Indonesia trip. So if you've been wishing to come but didn't want to leave your loved one at home... this is it. The ladies, if they don't want to come surf with the boys, can relax poolside with drinks, get $10 hour-long massages or shop to their hearts' content! Surfers and bodyboarders... we're going to surf all day and drink Bintangs to relax the night away! Who's in?

Alex, the lone South African, prepares to sneak under the morning curtain.

Perfection. Good morning.

Home away from home. Padang Beach.

Pink shorts dude, slides under the lip on the inside bowl.

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  1. Love the photos and the updates. I wish I was there with you all. The pink shorts dude photo is killer.