Sunday, July 11, 2010

Traveling Abroad ::: Rookie Mistakes

Man, you'd think that I'd have a few things already nailed down when traveling abroad. Well, here a quick list of things to remember when you're traveling abroad and not to do.

1. Don't wear a belt. I've gone through a few security check points already and shit... I held up the line and wasted time taking off my belt then putting it back on. Rookie...

2. Pre-check in. I actually did this one but would like to share it with you. Whenever possible be sure to check in onlnie prior to arriving to the airport. I was stoked to be able to sit next to the window. Now, I can get a few photos/video clips when landing in Bali. And know that I'll be landing with Uluwatu on the right side of the plane I was sure to get that side of the plane's window seat.

3. Sandals. Now, that you have to take off your shoes at every check point as well, isn't easier to simply slide your feet out of your sandals and move on. Yup, I wore my Adiddas and now I have to untie and retie after every freakin' check point. Rookie...

4. Point and shoot camera. I have a 7D with a few lenses but when I want to take a quick snap shot of something, like me typing on this computer in the Taipei airport, it'd be easier to pull out a small point and shoot than pulling out my bag out of the over compartment and deciding what lens to use.. blah blah blah. Bring a point and shoot camera and have it charged and ready. Rookie...

For now, that's all I have for you. I'm excited to be that much closer to Bali but that much sad to be that further away from my wife.

Update from Bali soon... Wayan, Ketut, Made, Gede, Putu, Nyoman here I come!

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