Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wake Up Call

Another jet-lag morning. Got up at 3:30am again but was able to go back to sleep for another hour and a half. I thought I was going to pull through the night after taking an Ambient pill that Jay hooked up. I did sleep sound 'til 3:30am and I wasn't groggy. Which is kinda scary. No wonder people get hooked on this little white pill.

I got all my stuff ready and went over to room number nine to wake up Jay and Mark... two of my four customers. Actually, they are more friends than just customers. As I walked up to their door I noticed that they were up cuz the light was on. But then I saw the patio area of their neighbor and it was covered with empty beer bottles and cigarette butts.

Mark, who didn't take an Ambient, told me that his neighbors was hammered and were partying 'til 3am! Not good when your walls are paper thin. He said another person came by around 3:00am and broke their mini speakers that were spitting out Jack Johnson tunes all night. After more drama story telling, we were off to the beach. Note to all would be travelers... bring ear plugs that work!

It was pitch black at 5:45-ish as we walked down the road to Padang. We got the the beach after bobbin' and weaving through the walls of the Padang stairs. The boys chilled at the water's edge as I prepped my camera. As the light started to come out, we started our paddle to the break.

Picking up Brett and Chris today and if I know these two guys, they will be super pumped to be here on the IndoExperience.com trip! Okay, now check out the photos from this morning's wake up call:

Jay and Mark. Happy Friends. Padang.

Jay... deeeeeeeeeeep.

Good morning. From behind the inside bowl.


  1. Niiice, five guys total? Seriously?? Epic Manny, keep the updates coming; as I shrivel up in my cubicle, FML. :)

  2. Yeah... I usually limit my wave riding Indo trips to 7 people max. But need at least four to make it happen. Ricky, next year I plan on adding a "Couples Only" trip. Think about it! I would love to have you join in.

  3. Manny V. is the man Good times, good barrels and Bintang.....Now we wait in the airport taking over the restaurant everyone with Laptops Plugged in trying to connect to any wiFi hahaha. Brett checking his emails, Chris M checking his face book, My brother mark checking his daily spendings Manny V. always working and getting the group pumped for Lakey peak and pipe. And I am content were not even halfway done with the trip stoked.