Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Gene Tour

Coming back to Indonesia every year for the past five years has been, not only endless epic surf sessions, but a great opportunity to meet cool ass people. Case in point, Gene Kreyd. I met Gene a few year's back and been in contact with him since. This Russian born ripper has been living on Bali for over ten years and has become a cool added addition to the entire vibe on the island.

Not only does Gene have Uluwatu, Padang Padang and many other waves wired, he is also a very successful and very creative artist.

We had the opportunity to visit Gene at his humble abode. He rents out a small area in a westerner's massive home just steps from Bingin, another awesome break near Uluwatu. We showed up with Bintangs (local beer) and after he gave us a tour of the house, he displayed many of his art pieces. Gene would show us pieces that are on his wall and talk about the inspiration or thoughts that went into his work.

He went on and talked about how a big time Russian club owner flew him over back to Russia to showcase his artwork in the club for the grand opening. Needless to say, Gene was stoked. He hasn't been back home in years!

We gathered in the living room and he showed off his newest collection of freshly printed work. Believe me, I was tempted to pick up a piece but my budget wasn't allowing it. Great news for Gene though, two of our guys were so pumped on Gene and his work that they funded Gene's partying for the nights to come. Yes, Gene likes to get out and enjoy himself whenever he can. Wouldn't you?

Seeing the stoke and hearing the cool ass stories, I think we may just add 'The Gene Tour' onto our future Indo Experience trips! To see more of Gene's work peep, www.genekreyd.com

Gene at home at Ulu's.

Gene and Brett hold up one of Gene's new prints.

Mark (second from left) took the sunset print on canvas. Definitely a keeper.

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  1. His art is beautiful, nice score for Mark on the print and a nice change of pace for the trip Manny, good stuff mang.