Friday, July 22, 2011

Final Wrap Up :: the Indo Experience

The morning of our ferry ride, we saw waves in the one foot range. Pretty discouraging. After our corn on cob breakfast, we were off to one of my favorite islands, Nusa Lembongan. After an hour of a semi-smooth ride, we putted into the bay. We cut between the really good reef waves of Lacerations and Playgrounds but both were not showing waves. But off in the distance I could see Shipwrecks. My second favorite wave for drop knee. Shipwrecks was cracking! With a dropping tide, the wave was only going to get better. So we settled into our Villa at Mainski and bolted out there!

The next day was going to be a full one. We had snorkeling with Manta Rays lined up. An around-the-island tour on mopeds. And we wanted to get back in time for some waves. Plus, there was a barong dance in the late evening that we didn't want to miss.

Snorkeling with the manta rays at Manta Point was a first for Mailei and I. We kicked ourselves for not doing it before. Two words... freakin' insane! So that is definitely on the to do list for future Indo trips. Awesome! At one point, I had six massive manta rays surrounding me. Little timid but pretty spectacular.

I never let my group rent motor bikes unless we're on Nusa Lembongan. So on our around-the-island tour, we rent motor bikes and cruised around the island. Along the way, we stopped to see a kid named Kadek. He rents us a boat so the crew can get a first hand experience on how to push a seaweed farmer's boat. It's tougher than it looks but the boys nailed it. Next, it was off to Devil's Tear. We got some massive waves but not as big as the group before. Still cool.

The Barong Deance was another first. We had to be dressed in the proper attire. The boys had to wear dresses. Okay... sarongs. Only a few males go into the meditation state to be able to do the dance. This evening, one of the dancers in the costume was stuck in the spiritual state and the dance had to be canceled halfway through. The next morning we were off back to Bali for the last couple days of adventures.

Back on Bali, we chilled for another awesome sunset at Kuta Beach. But it was the rafting and the monkey forest that was going to raise the fun factor. Oh yeah, before I continue I have to give props to Mairo for slamming down the massive calzone within minutes! Back to the rafting... it was fun. In fact, we had Jully (a Korean girl that was on our tour van to the rain forest) jump from her raft to ours. She's crazy! Cool chick!

Every time I take groups to the Monkey Forest I'm a little nervous. You never know what the hell the little bastards are gonna do. But this time around, no one got bit but one monkey didn't really like Lawrence and rushed him a couple times. Everyone got a cool photo of a monkey on the shoulder except for Mario. All good though, no one got bit!

Mailei and I want to give each one of our crew a big fat thanks for being a part of the Indo Experience 2011. We hope you had a great time. Complete photo wrap up in September on

Next up, Cabo Freak Fest! You ready?

With only a few cars on Lembongan it's the perfect place to get on the hogs.

Devin on the seaweed farming boat. Skills.

Lawrence finally got it but was shaky in the beginning.

Mario had it down.

Devil's Tear.

The Mainski transport mobile.

Lawrence and Mario getting close at Manta Point.

Mario with a snap at Shipwrecks.

Lawrence rail grab carve at Shipwrecks.

In full trance.

Sarongs all around.

Sunset at Kuta Beach.

Mario isn't scared!

Low bamboo bridges almost took out Devin.

Group shot at the half way point on the rafting tour.

Devin and his new buddy.

Mario trying but no dice for the shoulder monkey.

Lawrence had this guy on his shoulder for about five minutes.

Chow time.

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