Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jeff Hubbard Nails It

I've been saying for years... Support those that support you. American bodyboarders take note. There are only a few clothing companies here in the U.S. that actually put money back into our bodyboarding community. Ocean Current, clothing sponsor of World Champ Jeff Hubbard, has been behind bodyboarding from the get go. I support Ocean Current 100%. I suggest you do the same. Jeff Marshall, marketing dude for Ocean Current, lined me up with some gear and I have to say, the Hubb trunks are the best wave riding shorts I've used in a very long time. The material they use for the trunks are super stretchy and is perfect for bodyboarding. Big props to Ocean Current and Hubby Guys for making sh!t happen.

The mark of excellence.

My trunks drying after a session in Indonesia.

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