Sunday, July 3, 2011

Monkeys Attack!

For the past few days or so, we've been on the move. The last report for the Indo Experience's Bali Adventure was given from the rain forests of Ubud. Now, it's catch up time. This is going to be one of two posts that'll bring you up to speed.

Welcome to the artists' world... Ubud.

The last couple days in Ubud were filled with excitement, fear and drinking poop! Yes, poop! The girls took a bike tour where they visited rice farms, village homes and a coffee farm. At the coffee farm, they drank the very expensive Kopi Luwak. The Asian Palm Civet (looks like a mix between a ferret and cat) eats the coffee berries and shits out fermented coffee beans. The beans are cleaned, roasted and served as expensive coffee. Yeah, crazy.

Gina enjoying Balinese Kopi Luwak.

Then it was off to the rafting adventure down the Payan River. That's always fun. And this particular tour takes us down the river where artists have carved the Rama story into the walls. Needless to say, it's a sight to see. Luckily, no one fell out of the raft but there were a couple times when I thought we were going to flip... but I didn't say anything to the girls.

The story is told on the wall. Gina.

Gina, Mailei and Steph pose for a photo as the raft loaded with Aussies sets sail for the other half of the ride.

This was our rafting crew dubbed, The Cougars. The couple in the back were from New Zealand... Ama and Paul.

Waterfalls galore.

Stephanie getting the shot.

Finally, we hit up the infamous Ubud Monkey Forest. The girls bought a bunch of bananas at the entrance and within minutes they were surrounded by monkeys wanting some of the treats! If you hold on to the banana too long, the monkeys will get a little ticked off. In Gina's case, the little guy actually nipped her in the elbow in retaliation of Gina's banana feeding delay.

Attack of the hungry monkeys!

It wasn't me!

River flowing through the Monkey Forest.

Later, it was Stephanie that suffered the wrath of a mother monkey. While in the temple area, where the monkeys chill and groom each other, two little monkeys decided to jump on my should and began grooming me. Gina got in on the action. The when the two little rascals jumped on Stephanie, mother monkey said enough is enough. Mama monkey jumped on Stephanie and began to eat Steph's head off! Okay, not really but it sure did look like it. After a really obvious warning and a small nip on Steph's scalp, we decided to walk away and let the family be. Both Gina and Stephanie will be okay but may be traumatized and may not watch the next King Kong flick!

Gina getting groomed whether she likes it or not!

At least my ears got cleaned!

Stephanie, happy and about 20 minutes before a different monkey eats her head off!

Happy moments before the attack on Stephanie.

Next update will be about our stay in the laid back island of Nusa Lembongan. Snorkeling, Manta Rays and more. Stay tuned!

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