Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Ending

Today, we had to return the car which meant this was our last session at Uluwatu. We all headed out for one last Ulu session but this time it was small 2-3 footers rolling in and Devin counted about 80 people in the water. So it was crowded. Lawrence got dropped in on by a mom twice! Hahaha. Devin grabbed a few good ones but today it was the Mario show. He was a wave magnet catching two solid waves back to back. One that had a double in-and-out!

After the morning session at Ulu's we came back to LBS Surf House and chilled out for a couple hours. Then it was off to Padang Padang beach for some Bintangs and sunset. The waves were small so it was the warm up for the Padang Padang Warung Crawl. That's going to be wild. We got in a quick game of soccer against some Spaniards and lost. Shit!

One more night in Padang Padang area then it's off to Sumbawa. But not before we end out Bali session with the Padang Padang Warung Crawl. Stayed tuned for that.

Devin spinning the sun on his finger.

Lawrence holding the Bali sun.

Mailei and I with perfect lighting ;/

Mario being Mario.

Padang Beach Sand Castle.

On the way down to the beach at Padang.

Fruit salad at Wayan's Warung on the beach.

Lawerence happy with his Mie Goreng (Friend Noodles).

Mario digging into his banana peanut butter honey jaffle.

Devin lining up an early Ulu wave.

Mario made this section!

Lawrence enjoying his massage from Ketut.

Pancha one of the only few local bodyboarders on Bali.

Pancha with the crew. He hangs at the Hendra Photography shop at Uluwatu. Hit him up and say what up.


  1. MANNY fotos r insane....crazy thing is this is just a warm up for you guys!!

  2. You cannot imagine how happy we are to be able to see all the GREAT photos, not only of our son, but of everyone - plus the comments! You are an amazing photographer, Manny! Keep up the good work..!! I will be looking at them every day!

  3. Those photos make me homesick for Bali!

  4. I dream of warm water Bboard and bintangs on the beach. Looks like the locals are super cool and the country amazing. Your posts are an ongoing look into the endless possabilities available on the other side of the world. Thanks for bringing on a serious case of travel fever:)

  5. Good times bodyboarding with you guys.
    Have a good rest of the trip hope to see more photos soon.