Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Decompression in Bali

Fourteen hours to your connection in Asia then another four hours to Indo... the amount air travel takes a toll on your body. So today, we take some time and decompress on the white beaches of Balangan.

Mailei and I have been here for the past couple days and I'm still jet lagged waking up 3am. But soon enough, we'll all be on the same time zone.

I was able to get out into the water yesterday morning but holy shit... jelly fish took over Padang Padang. Everyone that went out without a long sleeve got munched on. But it was worth it.

We're off to the beach. More photos soon.

Gina and Steph enjoying their first sunset on Padang Padang.

New addition to the LBS Surf House... Sushi! Avocado hand roll... yum!

California Roll... Mailei's favorite.

Grill Master Made. Anything off this grill is amazing!

Padang Padang yesterday morning.

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  1. Hum yeah, I think padang beach is great. Bali have some beach, there's Dreamland and Kuta beach too. But I love to spend the time at Bali.