Tuesday, June 21, 2011

From Bali... but first this.

I just got into Bali yesterday afternoon. So I have yet to take any photos but they will come. I'm going to use my blog to keep you updated on the happenings from Indo. 

But first, I want to say thanks again to the awesome production crew that is working hard behind the scenes on all the IBA World Tour GSS events. Pete, Pat and the boys are killing it. They are a cool ass production crew from Australia that go by the name: www.snakesandladders.tv. Pete snapped this pic of me in Chile. Love it. He's one of the few that still shoot film as well as digital. Thanks for the photo. Pete has another gig that his moonlights with... check it: www.goonforhire.com.

Stand by for updates from Bali.

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